Solar Panel Kits

Solar power kits are a viable option if you’re thinking about installing a solar power system in your home and don’t want to pay the cost of professional installation. Many kits come with all the equipment you’ll need to set up the system and begin powering part of your home – and thus reducing your reliance on electricity from the utility – by harnessing sunlight through a photovoltaic system of solar panels.


Solar power kits are geared for do-it-yourselfers who want to employ the benefits of solar energy without expending the cost – sometimes as much as one third of the total price – for solar panel installers.

Most kits are designed with the purpose of powering an element or several components of a house rather than providing its total electricity, but solar power kits offer an affordable step in the direction of acquiring energy independence while lessening your footprint on the environment.

There are a variety of different types of solar power kits on the market, ranging from those modest of scope to broader, more industrious applications. For example, a basic kit can be assembled to provide electricity to a run televisions, computers, and lights, or they can supply enough energy to run appliances such as washing and drying machines.


Generally, a basic solar power kit will come with the following components:

  • Solar cells
  • Base and cover panels
  • Mounts
  • Inverters

As with any photovoltaic system, the solar cells must be assembled and adhered to the panels, protected, and mounted. To provide electricity to your home, the solar panel must be linked to an inverter which converts the direct current (DC) supplied from the panel into alternating circuit (AC) into your home’s electricity grid. Depending on the scope and design of the kit, a converter may be unnecessary – if, say, you’re using the solar panel to power something directly.

Most kits come with instructions to walk you through the process. Indeed, some people have even elected to purchase solar panel kits, assemble all the components, and sell the finished product to others for a profit.


Given that electricity rates typically rise between 4-7% every year, the addition of a solar panel system, particularly through a kit that you have used to assemble one yourself, can save you a considerable amount on your utility bill.

Solar energy is not only a clean and renewable way of providing electricity to your home, but it is a quiet, durable form of electricity. Most solar panels after proper assembly will last for years and include no moving parts that would need replacement. On top of that, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are mitigating your impact on the environment by choosing a responsible form of energy.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are many solar panel kits on the market. It is critical to conduct research before buying one to make sure its scope and components are conducive to your reasons for introducing a solar energy system into your house. Some choose to buy a basic solar panel kit to get familiar with the materials and system and later opt to hire a professional installer to incorporate a full-scale solar power system and achieve true energy independence.