Why Choose Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. The sun is constantly shining down on the Earth each and every day and being able to harness the solar energy can reduce your electric bill and allow you to decrease your dependence on the electric grid as well. Solar energy is kinder to the environment, simply because it releases no pollutants or toxins in the environment and has zero footprint. The great news is that it is not just for homes anymore. It is also readily available for commercial use as well.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Oil and gas prices have increased significantly over the last decade and this has caused an increase in the use of solar energy. Even utility providers are jumping on the solar energy bandwagon with installation of hundreds and thousands of acres of solar panels on previously unused roofs and areas that are abundant in sunshine and solar potential. This clean energy source is being sold to consumers just like you to give a choice of alternative energy to everyone.

Solar Energy Costs

Solar energy installation costs around $10 to $12 per watt. While this cost can add up significantly to be more than $20,000, there are ways to make it more financially feasible for homeowners. Solar energy kits can allow a DIY-er to install their own solar energy system at a much more budget friendly price. If you don’t want to install your own or have it installed, you can still take advantage of solar energy power in some areas of the country. Some of the utility companies offer power packages from alternative energy sources, including the sunshine.

Renewable, clean energy is something that every business and home should be considering to both save money and to lessen their impact upon the environment. Solar energy is just one choice in renewable energy that can allow you to decrease your carbon footprint and to enjoy the potential of the sunshine.