Verde Energy


Verde Energy is a medium-sized electricity company serving over 175,000 households in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. All of the company’s electrical plans are sourced by some small amount of renewable electricity. The company often goes under the name Lost Cost Power, and emphasizes that they are interested in simplicity and lowering rates.


About the Company

Verde was incorporated in 2009 with the goal of providing a simple electrical service to consumers in deregulated markets.

Verde gets an  “A-“ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is especially good for a new company.

We at do our best to stay updated, but remember: for more news and information you can always check out Verde’s website: The site also includes general energy saving tips.


Electricity Services

Residential Electricity

Most of Verde’s plans use some fraction of renewable energy. In Connecticut, their plans are 15% renewable. In New Jersey, 8%, and in Pennsylvania, 9%. Verde also offers a fully green Wind Power plan in parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This wind power comes from Community Energy, which is local to the area. Customers in Pennsylvania who sign up for the Wind Power plan stand to receive electricity that is 100% renewable-sourced and 100% Pennsylvanian.

Verde has a simple model that doesn’t require a contract. Customers simply pay from month to month and can leave whenever they want. New customers furthermore get a  bonus of $50 cash back on their first bill.