Tara Energy


About The Company

Tara Energy is one of the many prominent electricity providers in Texas that got its start soon after electricity deregulation started in 2002. The Houston-based electricity supplier opened its doors that year, becoming one of the very first retail electricity providers in the state, and has grown steadily ever since.

Tara was purchased by Fulcrum Power Services in 2009, which itself was purchased by Just Energy in 2011. Just Energy is one of the largest renewable electricity providers in the country, helping to support projects from wind to solar across the entire country.


Electricity Services

Tara Energy seeks to provide a reliable option for steady electricity rates to help protect customers from the fluctuations in the energy market. Almost all of its power plans offer fixed electricity rates, ranging between 12 months and 24 months.

But the company offers a number of different kinds of electricity plans, which will set different electricity prices based upon how much energy a customer uses. The electricity provider offers a number of different business electricity services as well, from cost management to up-to-the-minute energy usage data.

At the same time, the electricity supplier offers customers the chance to support their community in a number of different ways, with its Positive Energy Campaign allowing residents and businesses to donate a portion of their electricity bill to any of a long list of community groups and non-profits.

Unlike some electricity providers, Tara Energy does not have plans that specifically offer a higher proportion of renewable electricity. However, Tara and Texas as a whole both offer a large amount of renewable electricity in their energy mix, with more than one-tenth of all electricity coming from green energy.