Spark Energy


Spark Energy bills itself as expert on the new world of deregulated energy markets. It is a national energy retailer supplying primarily electricity and natural gas; it serves as an intermediary between power generators and local utility companies.

This company mostly does not deal with renewable electricity, but they do offer some plans that use some renewable power sources. These options are not offered everywhere, and the actual percentage of renewable power they use may vary. To investigate the plans that are available in your area, enter your zip code in the box above.


About the Company

Spark Energy was founded in 1999 and now employs about 250 people. It also offers a broker program that allows people to promote the company independently and receive rewards for new signups. Spark operates in 16 states and buys energy from 40 utilities.

The company does not place a particular emphasis on renewable electricity. Most of its claims to good corporate citizenship come from unrelated programs, such as the Texas Special Olympics, Star of Hope, and the Salvation Army. It offers organizational partnerships that exchange donations for large-scale signups.

View the company website for more information.


Electricity Services

Residential Electricity

Homeowners can choose to purchase gas or electricity from a new provider with no impact on anything but their energy costs. Your local utility still maintains your power lines and ensures continuing service: in case of a problem or emergency you still call the same company you always have. Even the billing cycle is unchanged.  All you have to do is pick the right plan and spend ten minutes to fill out a form online—it’s that simple!

Spark Energy provides households with electricity and natural gas. You can purchase these products from Spark Energy and have them delivered through your existing utility company.

Commercial Electricity

The company also offers electricity and gas to businesses. Renewable electricity for businesses may be available in some areas.

However, specific plans are not publicly available. A business wishing to obtain energy from Spark must contact the company directly to inquire about a plan designed to respond to their needs.


Sign Up With Spark Energy

When you sign up to receive a product from this company, you can choose a contract lasting 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. Typically, longer commitments will lower your costs. You can also choose between variable- and fixed-rate pricing, depending on your financial situation and openness to risk. Interested consumers can investigate the past history of variations in flexibly-priced energy. Be sure to check for special promotions to see where you can obtain extra discounts.

Availability varies significantly from state to state. To see what Spark Energy offers in your area, enter your zip code into the box above. You’ll see a list of plans from different renewable electricity providers, offering different rates and features, which you can compare for yourself.