Direct Energy


About The Company

Direct Energy is a large energy company that supplies homes and businesses with electricity and natural gas. The company’s operations are mostly midstream: it buys energy wholesale from producers, then sells it to utilities which deliver the final product. Consequently, the company also makes money through the energy futures market and through energy storage.

This company does not deal exclusively with renewable electricity, but it does offer some plans that draw on renewable sources of power. It does have affiliations with five wind farms in Texas, which together have a capacity of 813 megawatts. It also offers geothermal power to individual buildings in some areas. To investigate the plans that are available in your area, enter your zip code in the box above.

Direct Energy is the largest energy retailer in North America, and one of the largest energy companies overall. It operates in 10 Canadian provinces and 46 U.S. states and is wholly owned by a larger company called Centrica plc.

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Electricity Services

Residential Electricity

Homeowners can choose to purchase gas or electricity from a new provider with no impact on anything but their energy costs. Your local utility still maintains your power lines and ensures continuing service: in case of a problem or emergency you still call the same company you always have. Even the billing cycle is unchanged.  All you have to do is pick the right plan and spend ten minutes to fill out a form online—it’s that simple!

In some regions, Direct Energy offers only a one plan for electricity or natural gas. In competitive markets, such as Texas, they offer a range of options. These include the Pure Texas Wind Plan, which is the company’s primary contribution to green electricity.

The commitments for these energy plans range from month-by-month to two years. You can also choose between variable- and fixed-rate pricing. Generally, taking on greater risk (variable rate) and longer commitment will decrease the price of your gas or electricity.

To see what Direct Energy offers in your area, enter your zip code into the box above. You’ll see a list of plans from different renewable electricity providers, offering different rates and features, which you can compare for yourself.

Commercial Electricity

Direct Energy has commercial clients of various sizes: from national companies to small businesses. A sufficiently large company can obtain a National Account, which entitles them to special service and pricing. Smaller businesses can choose from a range of existing options:

  • PowerLock is a fixed-rate plan; electricity costs the same amount (per kilowatt hour) each month.
  • PowerIndex is a variable plan in which the customer’s costs vary according to a predetermined market index.
  • PowerFlex is a mixed plan that combines fixed and variable pricing. 50% of the cost of electricity is set in advance and 50% is based off of a spot market index. This option allows a business to hedge its bets halfway between volatility and stability.
  • PowerPortfolio, available only to larger commercial customers, involves negotiating a customized mix of fixed and variable pricing.

Natural gas is also available according to a similar set of plans. Direct Energy’s main contribution to commercial renewable electricity is an offer to facilitate the purchase of renewable energy credits for businesses in need of green credibility.