ConEdison Solutions

Electricity deregulation is a fairly new concept and retail electricity providers are all fairly young companies. But some of them have a bit more history behind them.That is the case with ConEdison Solutions, the electricity provider formed as a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, the utility company that has served New York City for nearly two centuries.

About The Company

Consolidated Edison itself has been around since 1823, but ConEdison Solutions was first founded in 1997 as electricity deregulation was first taking off. The company has expanded steadily over the years, including its move into green energy as well as moving into the energy management field.

ConEdison Solutions is one of the bigger players in the competitive electricity industry, serving all of the deregulated markets in the country’s northeast as well as Illinois and Texas. For the most part the electricity provider works with industrial and commercial customers, but it also serves residential customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania.


Electricity Services

Like some of the other big players in business electricity, ConEdison Solutions offers a wide variety of electricity rate plans designed to give its customers the greatest control over their electricity bills. These plans include everything from fixed-savings plans, keyed to utility company rates, to pure variable electricity rates.

ConEdison Solutions has also become a major promoter of green energy and offers several different options for supporting renewable electricity. Anyone in the areas the company serves can gain access to policies based on renewable energy certificates (RECs), which help promote renewables by paying for generation.

However, ConEdison Solutions also offers special regional wind rates that generally charge slightly higher to help support renewable electricity in the area. This is a marked difference from many renewable electricity providers, which often rely entirely on RECs.