Commerce Energy


About The Company

Commerce Energy is an intermediate-sized electricity company that is now wholly owned by Just Energy Group, a large company with 1.8 million North American customers. Commerce currently serves California, Maryland,

Pennsylvania, and New Jersey under its own name. It gets its green credentials by virtue of affiliation with JustEnergy’s JustGreen program.

Just Energy Group, along with Commerce, is one of the largest green energy retailers in the United States. JustGreen power customers have been responsible for the use of over 1.6 million MWh of renewable energy.

Since 2007, Commerce has invested $32.1 million in renewables and $14 million in emissions reduction. The resulting electricity is enough to power 160,000 homes for a year.

Commerce Energy began in 1997 California. It subsequently expanded to other states but then sold off many of its operations. Ambit Energy, for example, now owns all of Commerce’s operations in Texas.  Commerce now has  400 customer service representatives and around 1200 employees total.


Electricity Services

Basic Plans

Commerce offers two major types of plans. They have variable-rate plans that fluctuate along with the market, as well as fixed-rate plans that stay the same for the duration of the contract.

The fixed rate plans are a little more expensive but shield customers from spikes in price due to outside events. Fixed-rate contracts can be obtained for as long as five years.

In addition to its basic variable-rate plan, Commerce may be able to offer you a mixed portfolio plan. For businesses in particular, Commerce offers a fixed-rate plan with an option to extend and vary the rate if it falls substantially lower than the fixed amount.


Sign Up With JustGreen

Commerce offers its customers the opportunity to buy their electricity through Just Energy Group’s JustGreen program. JustGreen gets its power from certified renewable sources from within the United States.

The company also offers a service called JustClean that allows customers to actively offset their emissions by purchasing renewable energy credits.