Clean Current Electric


About The Company

Clean Currents is a modestly sized power company serving residential and business customers in the Mid-Atlantic. It opened in 2005 and now provides electricity to 500 businesses and over 7000 homes. Its headquarters is located in Montgomery County in Maryland.

The company places a special focus on green energy—it offsets emissions and does its best to run its own business with a small footprint.

Clean Currents makes special note of its connection to the American wind power industry. The company also claims a leadership role in seeking legislative action to protect renewable energy. Its affiliates include the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters and Efficiency First. Together, these institutions seek to revise policies for energy and the environment in ways that encourage sustainability. Gary Skulnik, the president of the company, helped to write the Maryland and DC Renewable Portfolio Standards.

Clean Currents also offers to organize the Green Neighborhood Challenge, which any community wishing to become more sustainable can sign up for.


Electricity Services

Two Tilts at the Windmill

The company offers two different plans, both of which revolve around wind power:

  • Neighborhood Wind involves buying wind power from local sources within the Maryland electrical grid.
  • National Wind RECs means your power comes from a miscellaneous local source, but that Clean Currents will offset it with the purchase of wind power from elsewhere in the country.

For each of these options, customers can choose whether they want 50% or 100% of their electricity to come from the wind farms. Both plans are fixed-rate, which means you’ll pay the same price (per unit of electricity) for the duration of the contract. This arrangement is unusual for electricity plans, many of which vary from month to month based on the market. A fixed rate plan may end up saving you money, however, if prices are going up.

For Your Business

Your business might benefit from hooking up with a environmentally responsible energy company. Clean Currents can help your brand by adding green credentials. They may also be able to cut you a deal based on the volume of electricity you need.

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