Champion Energy Services

While the number of retail electricity providers in the U.S. has surged in recent years, few have grown as quickly as Champion Energy Services.

About The Company

The Houston-based electricity supplier got its start in the highly competitive Texas electricity market, but has quickly expanded into the country’s other major markets. Champion now also offers competitive electricity rates to residents and businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio and Maryland.

Aside from billing itself as the fastest-growing electricity supplier in the country, Champion also claims to be the largest electricity provider with no connection to an existing utility company. Instead, the company began purely as a service provider and built itself specifically for that market.

Starting up in 2005, three years after its home state of Texas implemented electricity deregulation and more than a decade after the first states in the country adopted the policy, Champion has since grown to cover more than 550,000 residential customers and 1.6 gigawatts of demand. At the same time, the company has maintained excellent customer service, winning best customer satisfaction among Texas electricity providers in a 2010-2011 survey.


Electricity Services

Like many other retail electricity providers, Champion sells itself largely on the possible savings from locking in a fixed electricity rate to avoid costly fluctuations in price. The company also offers a standard index-based electricity rate, tied to the wholesale price set by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, for when customers’ electricity plans end.

Champion has also steadily expanded its renewable electricity offerings. Many of the company’s standard offerings include as much as 12 percent renewable electricity, while interested customers can pay a little more for 100 percent renewable electricity on either a six-month or 12-month plan.