BlueStar Energy


Illinois represents one of the fastest growing electricity markets in the U.S., with the relatively recent expansion of electricity deregulation to the residential sector. One of the big names in the state for competitive electricity is Chicago-based BlueStar Energy Solutions.


About The Company

Deregulation was first implemented in Illinois as far back as 1997, making it one of the first states to adopt the policy, but it limited choice to the larger businesses that use the most energy. BlueStar Energy started five years later in 2002 as a company specializing in providing total energy management for businesses who wanted to see lower electricity bills.

While BlueStar got its start in Illinois, it has since expanded its services to many of the largest deregulated energy markets, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan. The electricity provider has even been included among the fastest-growing companies in the country.



BlueStar has made sure to offer a variety of electricity rates so that customers could choose the options that worked best for them. This includes fixed electricity rates, variable rates and combination plans that offer businesses the chance to lock in a certain amount of energy at a given price.

At the same time, the company has made a strong push to adopt renewable electricity, giving businesses an opportunity to reduce their environmental impact through the use of so-called Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs. With electricity deregulation expanded to all residents and businesses in Illinois in 2006 and 2007, BlueStar began to offer its green energy plans to everyone around the state.

In addition, BlueStar offers a wide variety of services to help businesses and residents the chance to reduce their energy use through efficiency improvements as well as to adopt distributed generation systems through solar power installations.