Amigo Energy


One of the earliest companies to get involved in Texas power after the state implemented electricity deregulation, Amigo Energy has stood its ground in one of the most competitive energy markets in the country.

About The Company

Founded in Houston, Texas, in 2003, the year after deregulation went into effect, Amigo Energy has placed a strong emphasis on giving customers options that are easy to understand, with friendly and helpful support staff.

After operating independently for four years, Amigo was purchased by Fulcrum Power Services in 2007. Four more years later, Fulcrum and Amigo were both purchased by the Canadian electricity company Just Energy. Nevertheless, Amigo remains a local company, with strong roots in Texas, including a sponsorship deal with the Major League Soccer team the Houston Dynamo.

The electricity provider’s emphasis on customer support has allowed them to expand throughout the Texas residential and business electricity markets. As of early 2012, the company served more than 1.8 million customers across the state.

Electricity Services

Amigo’s primary focus in its electricity rates is stability. The electricity supplier offers low, fixed electricity rates that allow businesses and residents to predict their electricity bills from month to month. These plans can run from one to two years and provide, with some offering lower electricity prices in exchange for using the company’s autopay feature.

However, the company also offers plans that provide 100 percent renewable electricity, tapping into the state’s massive wind energy resources, the largest of anywhere in the entire country. Often people are scared away from using renewable electricity because they hear about the high costs, but Amigo Energy’s green energy plans can sometimes actually prove to be cheaper than the normal fixed electricity rates.