American Power Partners

American Power Partners (APP) was formed in 2011 out of a company that had been serving discount electricity in New York State for eight years. It doesn’t directly produce renewable electricity, but it offers customers a plan called Green Current which allows them to purchase power tied to Renewable Electricity Credits.


About The Company

American Power Partners is connected  SmartGrid, a company that optimizes large transaction in the energy market. SmartGrid has, for example, a program that pays certain electricity consumers to reduce their usage during times of possible shortage. It also lists a mysterious green energy supplier known as “EnviroGen” as an affiliate.

The company is licensed by the Maryland Public Service Comission and meets marketing certification required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


Electricity Services

Electricity for Homeowners

The Green Current Program uses 25% renewable power and 75% other power. The renewable power might include wind, solar, hydroelectric, or biomass power plants. Consumers enrolling in this program still get the same electricity, but the company promises that it will buy the requisite number of Renewable Energy Credits.

The Green Current Program has a fixed rate until June of 2012, at which point rates will begin to change along with the market. Do not be fearful of this change in the plan: you can cancel your contract without a fee whenever you want.

American Power Partners also offers a normal plan called the Guaranteed Savings Program. This plan is guaranteed to save you money relative to your default electricity company. As with the other plan, you pay monthly and can cancel the plan at your convenience.

For Businesses

APP divides businesses customers into two categories. If  your business’s electric bills are higher than $20,000 a month, you talk to APP directly and set up a contract. Your business is valuable enough to them that they are willing to talk directly about your needs and specific usage patterns. You may well be able to bargain for a renewable option.

If you pay under $20,000 a month, the rates are a little more fixed. They’re still guaranteed to be lower than the rates you currently pay to your local utility. These contracts, also, do not come with cancellation fees. There is no obvious renewable plan in this category.