Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy offers a strong green electricity option based on 100% wind power. The company also offers a unique business model, which makes it easy for customers to make sales and profit from doing so.

Ambit supplies electricity, as well as natural gas, to customers in deregulated markets, including Texas, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.


About The Company

Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless founded Ambit in 2006 at a Potbelly’s in Texas. These men had experience not with energy but with deregulation; both of them were coming out of the telecommunications industry after it had undergone a similar process. They decided that the key to making money in this business environment was a decentralized system for signing up new customers.

Their model worked. After establishing a headquarters in Dallas, the company grew rapidly, earning two hundred million dollars in annual revenue by 2008. In 2010, Ambit was considered one of America’s fastest-growing companies..


Electricity Services

All of Ambit’s plans are variable-rate, which means they change along with the market. (However, the company has begun to offer a bill averaging plan, which stabilizes the cost from month to month.) The company offers one-year contracts, as well as no-commitment month-to-month arrangements with no termination fees. All of these options pertain to Ambit’s Green Plans.

Ambit’s green options use 100% renewable electricity, which is supplied by wind farm. This electricity is certified by Green-e Energy, a governing body dedicated to maintaining high standards in renewable electricity. These plans cost (only) a small amount more than Ambit’s standard options.

Customers signing up with Ambit for the first time receive a special Welcome Gift—for example, a weekend stay for two at a 3-star hotel.


Sign Up With Ambit

Signing up with Ambit can work in the same way as signing up for any alternative energy provider. You compare rates and options [5.6] and then you select a plan. But Ambit is unique because of how easy they make it for users to start selling electricity themselves. If you want to plunge into the business of electricity sales, you can start making referrals to friends and family. After enough people sign up through you, you start to see benefits accumulate.

When a customer has referred five new users into contracts, she starts receiving credits for air travel. At fifteen referred users, the original customer gets more or less free energy. (Their energy is discounted by the average price paid by the fifteen.) This setup works either for electricity or natural gas.

Selling Ambit contracts isn’t guaranteed to be profitable, but it can be for the right salesperson. The more people you sign up, the better your rewards.

For the latest information from Ambit, check out their official website.