Ohio Renewable Electricity

Green Energy in Ohio

Make no mistake: Ohio is heavily reliant on coal power. Its industrial sector is a huge consumer of dirty energy. And the next big energy project is a natural gas pipeline. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for green energy. The state already has a sizeable hydroelectric sector. And more projects are on the way.

The state aims to have a portfolio of 25% renewable energy by 2025. A number of different projects are being launched in an effort to meet this objective. A major goal is to remedy the state’s lack of solar-based power plants.

Proponents of renewable energy might or might not feel optimistic about these plans, but either way it turns out there’s a way to help. Since 2001, all Ohioans have had the right to switch from their default utility to another provider from their choosing.  (They can switch natural gas providers too.) Not only does this right allow electricity consumers (almost everyone) to save money and negotiate better contracts, it also allows people to begin actively directing their energy dollars towards renewable projects.

How to Switch

When you type your zip code into the box at the top of the page, you’ll see a list of providers operating in your area. You’ll be able to browse a list of contracts and see which providers offer renewable energy plans. Some of these will be partial, guaranteeing that a certain percentage of your electricity is coming from a renewable source. Others are complete; there are some companies that deal in nothing but renewable electricity. Check out the different renewable energy provider options until you find one that satisfies you.

If you’re happy about the source of your electricity, there are other criteria you can use to make a decision.


  • Variability. You can decide between plans with fixed rates and plans that vary with the market.
  • Length. Do you want to sign up with this company for one year, two years, or some other amount of time?
  • Bonus. Some companies will offer you extra incentives to sign up with them. These range from discounts on your first bill to exotic items like airfare and hotel rooms.


Of course, the actual rate you’re being charged is something to consider as well. Note that large companies offering many plans will usually charge you more for the green plan than the regular plan, whereas small companies offering only green power can sometimes give you a low rate that’s competitive with the larger market. Make sure when you’re thinking about rate to keep the other factors in mind; don’t be seduced by a low rate that will change in a month.

When you do make the switch, there’s no change to your electrical wires or the physical bill; for these services, customers still dealing with your utility company. The only real difference for customers of alternate providers is that they pay less money for electricity every month!