Solar Electricity Prices

What is Solar Electricity?

While commercial solar plants have been around since the 1980s, the idea of harnessing energy from the sun has been around since ancient times.  Today solar electricity is created through heat engines and photovoltaics with the most common harvesting mechanism being the solar panel.

Solar electricity, in the most basic of terms, is electricity created from energy from the sun.  Photovoltaic systems use solar panels to convert free energy from the sun into electricity.  A tracking system tilts a solar panel throughout the day to gain maximum amount of light exposure throughout the day.  As little as one panel or as many as 100 panels can be used to capture and convert sunlight into electricity.  Solar electricity, in combination with a few other forms like wind electricity and hydroelectricity, account for almost all of the renewable energy on our planet.

Why Choose Solar Electricity?

The reasons to consider using solar electricity are numerous.  The primary reason a consumer chooses to use solar electricity or any form of renewable electricity is to take control of their utility bills.  A consumer makes an initial investment for the installation of the solar panel system of their choice then is paid back in money saved by creating their own electricity for years to follow.  The use of a solar electricity system even as a backup system is important to consumers in the event of loss of power due to inclement weather or other untimely events.  Perhaps the greatest reward to utilizing solar electricity is reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.  As opposed to the traditional methods of electricity production using non-renewables , solar electricity utilizes one of the greatest renewable resources, the sun, to efficiently produce clean, green electricity for everyday use.

Solar Electricity Prices

As mentioned before, solar electricity prices can vary depending upon the type of system and size of the consumer’s needs, but are based on an initial investment of equipment. This initial investment can range from approximately $14,000 for a residential system to $1 million for an industrial installed system. From that point, expenses can include battery prices and other miscellaneous maintenance expenses. What used to be considered an expensive endeavor is growing more affordable for the average American every day.

Type your zip code into the field at the top of the page to view renewable electricity options in your area. Every state is different in regards to their support of solar electricity and renewable electricity in general therefore it is important for the consumer to contact their electricity provider directly to learn how they can get renewable electricity.