Green Electricity

What is Green Electricity?

Consumers are becoming more aware of where their electricity really comes from.  Traditional electricity production is depleting our supply of non-renewable resources and causing harm to the environment because of production-related gas emissions. Green electricity is renewable electricity, or electricity produced from using forces of nature like wind and energy from the sun, that has less harmful impact on the environment than traditional forms of electricity production.  Power plants that burn fossil fuels like coal and natural gas emit harmful gases into the atmosphere causing permanent damage to our planet.  Green electricity is the “greener”, more earth-friendly way of producing the same electricity we use every day.

Why Choose Green Electricity?

A consumer chooses to use green electricity to meet their needs of today without compromising the electricity needs of future generations.  Consumers are taking initiative and getting the latest renewable electricity information and making informed decisions about their electrical providers.  By choosing options like solar electricity and wind electricity, consumers are doing their individual part of sustaining our environment and natural resources.  The sun can produce enough clean, “green” energy in one day to provide a year’s supply of energy for the average home, so why not tap into this abundant resource?  Consumers can also benefit from using green electricity in the event of a power outage or electricity price increases.  Green electricity production technology has evolved into a realistic and cost-efficient option for consumers.  This combined with federal and state programs and tax incentives have made the decision to switch to green electricity an easy one.

How Do I Get Green Electricity?

There are a number of resources currently available to consumers about how to get renewable electricity.  Type your zip code into the field at the top of the page to view renewable electricity options available in your area.  Contact your local electricity provider and ask about green options.  Most providers are offering a switch program.  You can sign up for the program, and buy-in through kilowatt-hour blocks that are the equivalent of a certain percentage of the average electricity use of homes in your area.  If your provider is not participating in a green option yet, still contact them and express interest as more and more distributers are participating in green electricity programs every year.  With soaring electricity prices and the inevitability of global warming due to the use of fossil fuels to create power, there has never been a time better than the present to get renewable electricity.