Compare Renewable Electricity

Why Choose Renewable Electricity?

Consumers choose renewable electricity to do their part in preserving our environment and to take gain more control over their utility bills.  Renewable electricity is the production of electricity using only renewable resources like wind, water and solar electricity.

While the majority of electricity used in the world today is produced by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, these are all finite, non-renewable resources meaning there is a defined supply of each in the world and they will eventually run out.  In addition to the environmental impact, in some states the use of renewable electricity gives consumers financial incentives to make the switch such as renewable electricity credits and access electricity buy-back programs.

How Do I Compare Renewable Electricity to Other Forms of Electricity?

Also known as green electricity, renewable electricity produces power from occurrences in nature rather taking from the Earth’s finite resources and has less harmful impact on the environment than traditional forms of electricity production.  Power plants that burn fossil fuels like coal and natural gas can emit harmful gases into the atmosphere causing potential permanent damage to our planet.  If you compare renewable electricity to traditional electricity, renewable electricity is basically a “greener”, more earth-friendly way of producing the same electricity we use every day.

Renewable electricity is growing more common as a supply of adequate electricity for the world has become a major challenge.  The demand for electricity continues to grow while the supply of non-renewable resources to create electricity dwindles.  Additionally, the growing concerns of the environmental consequences as a result of traditional electricity production have begun to affect consumer decisions.

The commonality of renewable electricity providers is growing but still differs from state to state.  Take the time to see if your state is a renewable electricity state and if your city is a renewable electricity city.  Type your zip code into the field at the top of the page to view renewable electricity options in your area.  You will quickly find that more states and cities are adapting this technology for their consumers and renewable electricity options and their many benefits may be available to you.