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Renewable Electricity Providers

Austin Energy recently dropped the cost of operating residential solar installations from $2.50 per watt to $2.00, citing evolving market conditions as the reason for the rebate change, officials with the company announced on Monday, June 11.

While Earth Month is coming to a close, Austin, Texas-based retail electricity provider Green Mountain Energy Company has introduced a program it hopes will promote the same spirit of conservation.

Duke Energy putting money into renewables - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some electricity companies have been hesitant to really push for green energy, worried that businesses and residents will object if electricity prices rise, even though that tends to happen even without renewables.

As solar installations become increasingly cost-effective, more schools and other large buildings are realizing that they can make use of their extensive rooftops to save them money.

A new program from utility company National Grid offers consumers the opportunity to support renewable electricity with relatively little cost to themselves.

NRG head sees future in solar, renewables - Friday, November 11, 2011

Electricity companies around the country have taken differing approaches to the drive toward renewable electricity, but few have embraced the movement as wholeheartedly as NRG Energy.

Duke Energy Renewables is investing in wind energy in Pennsylvania by announcing plans to build and operate a 69-megawatt wind farm in Lycoming County, AOL reports.

Petra Solar, a leading provider of renewable energy in New Jersey, has experienced great success in the state and company executives are looking to expand westward into the highly competitive California energy market, The New York Times reports.

The nation’s renewable energy industry is working to develop new ways to increase efficiency and develop new technologies to make this power source more cost effective and more widely used, according to a recent study.

The U.S. Department of Energy has teamed with the Department of Defense to provide solar panels on military bases throughout the country, CNET reports.