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Renewable Electricity Providers

Supporters of electric vehicles frequently discuss a not-too-distant future when plug-in cars become ubiquitous, with millions being driven by their owners on a daily basis.
However, many supporters fail to note that electric car owners will have to plug in their vehicle nearly every night for recharging purposes. Although an electric car is far better for …Read More

Wind farms now supply 5 percent of the electricity utilized by residents and small businesses in Chicago, Illinois. According to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office, since the new aggregation program, those in Chicago are serving as an environmentally conscious model for other communities in Illinois.
Hundreds of cities and towns in have adopted aggregation, which allows them …Read More

Getting the best retail electricity provider will give you a sense of confidence and satisfaction with the products that they give you and with the service that they offer. A good retail electricity provider will take care of you and your needs, and make sure that you work hand in hand with them with all …Read More

Green Mountain Energy began its Sun Club in 2002 in an effort to fund, supply and build solar power for non-profit organizations across the country.  In April alone, the renewable retail electricity provider’s Sun Club program donated $113,000 to three non-profits in Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania.
The Sun Club is a voluntary program in which …Read More

In more than a dozen states, residents and businesses are able to purchase their electric supply from renewable-derived sources. Due to government regulations as well as popular demand, there is now an abundance of retail electricity suppliers that offer partial or 100% green power plans at affordable prices.
Renewable energy has both economic and environmental benefits. …Read More

Like many other Illinois communities, Galesburg voters recently approved electric aggregation, whereby residents and small businesses in a community join together to purchase electric supply in bulk, at discounted rates. The vote was cast in November, and since then community leaders have been shopping around for a retail electricity provider by sending out bids to …Read More

The retail electricity provider, FTR Services has announced its entrance into Ohio’s deregulated electricity and natural gas market.
Jumping on the cleaner energy bandwagon, the company promises to supply affordable clean-burning natural gas and 100% green electricity to customers in deregulated areas across the state that opt for its services. Customers will also receive a 5% …Read More

Sullivan Solar Power was named on July 3 the Small Business of the Year during the Celebration of Business Gala in San Diego.

Moore Energy LLC, started by Barry Alan Moore in 2008 in Pennsylvania, has taken its business to Greenwich, Connecticut, where it says the demand for residential solar electricity will help the company thrive, the Connecticut Post reports.

Gamesa Technology Corp., Inc. and its partner Harvest the Wind Network (HTWN) are working together to help privately owned Wind installations in New York keep energy costs down as well as greenhouse emissions.