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The U.S. has started to take advantage of its wind and solar resources over the past few years, but the power available along the country’s coastline remains largely untapped.

Some internet companies took a hit to their reputation recently with the release of a report charging that many rely largely on coal-fired power plants.

The Pacific Northwest already relies on renewable electricity to a greater extent than anywhere else in the country, but the state of Oregon is looking to increase this already strong track record.

Residents of the Pacific Northwest could be on their way toward generating a great deal of renewable electricity from geothermal energy.

Portland adds solar along rail line - Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Pacific Northwest continues to improve its energy portfolio, with installation beginning on a new solar power system for Portland, Oregon’s light rail system.

A new report commissioned by the Portland Development Commission and Business Oregon places that state solidly in second place in terms of leadership on renewable electricity.