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Residential solar power has become increasingly affordable over the past few years as an environmentally friendly, cost-saving alternative to traditionally sources of energy. But even as costs have lowered, the price for solar installations still remains too high for low-income communities. GRID Alternatives, a solar installation non-profit, takes great measures to bring green opportunities to …Read More

The demand for renewable resources increases as consumers become more green conscious. Their demand is creating pressure on utility companies to join the green movement by replacing conventional means of energy with clean energy resources such as solar and wind.
The government is helping to perpetuate the green movement by offering various incentives to consumers. For …Read More

New England has been experiencing higher electricity rates this winter due to a high demand for heating as well as higher natural gas prices. The boom in natural gas supply over the past couple of years has kept electricity prices stable in the region, but has also created less of a need for the push …Read More

Arista Power, a Rochester-based leader in renewable energy solutions, has partnered with the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to carry out a community-based solar purchasing program, termed “Solarize Seneca”. Seneca County residents will be able to participate in the program in which county residents and businesses will be able to purchase solar systems in …Read More

Electricity deregulation has proven a boon for renewable electricity, with all the residents and businesses that have chosen to turn to renewable electricity providers.

Wind power coming to New York City - Friday, March 2, 2012

A growing center for green energy, New York City could soon begin to draw power from the strong winds blowing into the city off the Atlantic Ocean.

While many state are taking impressive strides in promoting renewable electricity, some cities and towns have gone beyond even these successful efforts.

Austin, Texas-based electricity provider Green Mountain Energy Company announced that it has pledged its support to a major solar power installation being planned for a new park along the Hudson River.

New York City hopes to become the next big center for solar electricity, with a new program designed to promote solar power installations on buildings across the city.

Ithaca turns to all renewables - Friday, December 30, 2011

The town of Ithaca in central New York, home to Cornell University, recently announced that it taken a major step in its goal to reduce carbon emissions by switching entirely to renewable electricity.