Renewable Electricity For Retail

Retail businesses wishing to incorporate green electricity into their operations have two options: purchasing green electricity from their utilities provider, or constructing their own power sources.

There are many companies offering renewable electricity for retail operations, and they offer choices for both individual stores and businesses with multiple locations. A simple way to start exploring options is to type your operating zip code into the box above, which will connect you with renewable electricity providers working in your area. They will be able to offer you green electricity through your existing utility company. What may surprise some business owners is that solar electricity prices and wind electricity prices are often equal to or even lower than the standard rates charged for fossil-based power.

Installing renewable electricity for retail

A more comprehensive way to start incorporating green energy into your business is to install your own sources of renewable power. There are many renewable electricity businesses specializing in a wide range of systems, from a few simple solar panels to wide-ranging plans incorporating wind farms and large photovoltaic systems.

Many national retail operations, from Whole Foods to Wal-Mart, have begun installing on-site solar power systems to offset operating costs and to bolster public image. Another option for larger businesses is the construction of a nearby wind farm, with its own mechanisms for generating and storing electricity. It’s even possible to make money by selling surplus energy back to the power grid.

While these installations can sometimes seem costly on first glance, they will more than pay for themselves over time. In addition to the obvious benefit of lower energy bills, the installation of renewable energy sources makes you eligible for renewable energy credits from the federal government. You will receive a minimum 30% tax credit, plus possible subsidies from your state or local government.

Why go renewable?

There are several reasons why renewable electricity for retail is good for your business. Perhaps you’re concerned with the damaging effects of heavily-polluting fossil fuels and wish to join the growing movement towards sustainability. The future of power is in renewable resources, and technology has finally advanced to the point where green electricity is not just environmentally-friendly, but financially viable – in fact, green electricity is often less expensive than traditional, polluting power sources.

The government subsidies available to businesses that install solar panels or other sustainable systems are extensive and will more than offset initial installation costs, especially over time.

Finally, being a “green company” is great for public image. More and more consumers are taking an interest in environmental issues and making their decisions based at least partly on environmental concerns. Being able to incorporate a green source of electricity into your overall brand is a good marketing move. You don’t have to install solar panels or a wind farm to be using green electricity; if you enter your zip code above you’ll be put in touch with a variety of businesses that can supply you with sustainable energy through your existing utility company.