Renewable Electricity For Manufacturing

Because industry uses so much energy, renewable energy for manufacturing can make more of a difference both environmentally and financially than almost any other application. Manufacturers are in a unique position to have an impact both on the environment and on their own bottom lines.

Manufacturers have two major options if they wish to start integrating green electricity into their operations. The first is to find a renewable energy provider who can offer you an energy package through your current utilities company. To begin the process, type your zip code into the box above and you’ll be put in touch with a variety of businesses that can provide renewable energy for manufacturing through your existing power system. Packages vary – some offer a partial-renewable package in addition to a 100% sustainable option.

Installing renewable energy for manufacturing

A more comprehensive and long-term option is to find a renewable electricity business that can help you install your own energy-generating system, either on- or off-site. Even a small solar power system will help you offset your electricity prices, and will make you eligible for government tax credits. Solar electricity savings can be substantial and will more than pay for the initial cost of installation, especially over time.

More ambitious projects are also an option. For example, renewable energy for manufacturing can be produced by an offsite wind farm, capable of generating and storing its own electricity. This can be a good choice for companies wishing to source 100% of their electricity from sustainable sources.

Financial considerations

Many may be surprised to find that renewable electricity isn’t necessarily more expensive than traditional, fossil-based energy. In fact, solar electricity prices and wind electricity prices are often equal to or even lower than the costs of standard electricity packages. Enter your operating zip code into the box above to start finding renewable electricity providers working in your area.

The federal government gives a 30% renewable energy credit to businesses that install their own power-generating systems, in addition to solar rebates or wind power rebates that may be offered by your state or local government. The combined savings of these tax credits plus your lowered electricity costs will more than pay for the initial investment of installation.

Some companies have even managed to make a profit off of their power-generating systems by selling excess power back to the electricity grid. Many utilities companies are wiling to pay for your extra energy, especially if they can market it as renewable, “green” electricity. “Renewable” energy means that these systems harness natural forces without needing to be supplied with fuel – once you’ve built a photovoltaic system or other energy-generating system, the only operating costs are occasional maintenance.

In addition to tax credits offered by all levels of government, some areas offer additional perks – even cash up front – to companies that install renewable-energy systems to help power their operations. To learn about programs in your area, click here for a comprehensive database, complied by the U.S. Department of Energy, of all federal, state, and local incentives.