Commercial Renewable Electricity

Commercial renewable energy can be complex. But the payoff is also high: a commitment to renewable energy will save a business money on its energy bills and distinguish it publicly as innovative and environmentally friendly.

Of the two ways to establish renewable electricity for businesses, commercial renewable electricity is the more ambitious. If you are a small business owner and you don’t have the time or money for a giant renewable project right now, you can still easily switch your electricity provider. In fact, you may wish to switch to a renewable electricity provider while you wait or prepare for a larger project: it’s a fairly low risk proposition.

To begin the process of switching a provider, just enter your zip code into the box above. We’ll take your business’s information and use it to produce a list of options designed to work for you.

Installing commercial renewable electricity

If you do want to undertake a more comprehensive commercial renewable electricity project, there are many ways to rig your commercial building in order to supply it with renewable energy. Going through this type of process also makes it possible for you to obtain a variety of tax credits.

The federal government offers a 30% renewable electricity credit for companies that install a renewable energy system to power their place of business. This credit comes in addition to any incentives that might be provided in the state or local area.

Commercial renewable electricity can be set up offsite or onsite. Contractors could set up a wind farm nearby, with its own mechanisms for generating and storing electricity, then sending it to the plant. Alternatively, solar panels can often be installed directly onsite, on the roof of existing buildings.

Any additional electricity by these projects can be sold for extra profit to the electrical grid. Most areas have electrical providers that are willing to buy up these extra bits of power, especially when they can be marketed as green electricity.


More and more companies are deciding to run their business off of power from local renewable technologies. Some examples of successful installations include:

  • MTC Logistics: MTC logistics is a temperature control company based in Baltimore, MD. They specialize in keeping things cool inside of giant temperature-controlled storage facilities. The company recently installed a large roof-mounted photovoltaic system [3.4] that will harness the sun’s radiation for the purpose of cooling. The solar panels will annually generate 842,000 kilowatt hours of energy: enough to power 73 homes. The installation was performed by Southern Energy Management, a North Carolina company.
  • NewAge Industries: Borrego Solar describes an installation it did for NewAge Industries. NewAge Industries is a plastics manufacturer with an electricity bill of $300,000 each year. Borrego installed a large solar power system for the price of $4.2 million, half of which was paid for by state and federal subsidies. The company will make back its half of the payment ($2.1 million) in seven years, after which point it will have only minimal energy costs—a savings of $300,000 a year.