Renewable Electricity For Business

Businesses, like households, can usually instruct their utility company to supply them with green electricity from a renewable source. This electricity will be sent to the business location through the same utility company, and may cost the same as or less than the existing service. This procedure for changing energy suppliers is simple but too often neglected, especially by smaller businesses.

If you are a business owner interested in procuring renewable electricity in your area, simply type your operating zip code into the box above. can collect your business’s information and use it to create a customized description of the electricity options available.

Whether you need commercial renewable electricity, renewable electricity for manufacturing, or renewable electricity for retail, you can find a renewable electricity provider here.

Why go renewable?

Renewable electricity for businesses may seem like a surprising concept for those who see green electricity as a luxury item. But there are a few different reasons that you might choose to select a renewable electricity provider for your business.

  • Corporate citizenship: Renewable electricity is environmentally friendly and represents a frontier of future growth. It’s an alternative to the pollution, waste, and geopolitical crises that seem to result inevitably from fossil fuels. The word “renewable” means that once the technology has constructed, energy can be harnessed without having to go through any additional processes. Eventually one could conceive of a civilization powered entirely through renewable sources, requiring only occasional maintenance.
  • Image: Even if your don’t personally care about the environment, renewable electricity is a good selling point. You immediately upgrade your status with consumers, and can incorporate your source of electricity into an overall brand. You don’t have to actually build solar panels to be using solar electricity.
  • Cost: Renewable electricity doesn’t need to be more expensive than other types of energy. If you investigate solar electricity prices or wind electricity prices, you may actually find that these can compete directly with the price of normal electricity plans derived mostly from fossil fuels. Many states already require or will require electric providers to use a certain amount of renewable as part of their standard packages.
  • Incentives: There may also be other ways for your business to scrape money out of renewable electricity. If you install your own solar power system, or other source of private renewable energy, you are probably eligible for a number of subsidies, offered by various levels of government. These can come in the form of tax credits or even cash up front. The Department of Energy has compiled a complete database of federal, state, and local incentives for developing renewable electricity. Click here to view a state-by-state list of incentives specifically targeted at renewable energy for businesses.