Ameresco Creates Second Solar Power Plant for Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 @ 10:04 AM
posted by rene5432

Pittsfield, MA- Ameresco, a clean, green and sustainable energy company, as partnered with Pittsfield, Massachusetts to create the city’s second municipal power generation facility. Pittsfield first partnered with Ameresco in 2015 to build a 2.91 MW solar power generation facility. More than 3 million kWh in the first year are expected from this project. With the 20 year contract with Ameresco, Pittsfield, Massachusetts is set to save up to $140,000 annually which equates to $2.6 million dollars over the 20 year duration.

“It is exciting to know that the city of Pittsfield continues to make great strides toward our energy consumption in an environmentally sustainable way,” said Mayor Linda Tyer to Electric Light & Power. “Moreover, this collaboration will generate significant savings for the city over time and firmly positions Pittsfield as a proponent of green energy initiatives.”

Pittsfield, isn’t the only area seeing the benefits of partnering with Ameresco. Other Massachusetts towns such as Lowell, Acton, Lenox and Stockbridge have started to partner with Ameresco to create these solar power generation facilities.

“Forward-thinking municipal leaders have recognized the economic and environmental benefits of installing solar PV on their landfills,” said Jim Walker, Vice President, Solar, Ameresco to  Electric Light & Power.

With no plan in slowing down for solar energy, hopefully we see other states carrying out this “forward-thinking” about solar energy and realize the environmental benefits and cost savings in the long run.

Source:Electric Light & Power

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