Improved Green Energy Options in Utah

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 @ 10:06 PM
posted by Admin

Utah will now have new and improved options when selecting renewable energy. On May, 31, 2013, Intermountain Wind and Solar (IWS) announced upcoming plans to improve photovoltaic technologies. Through such improvements, users will benefit not only in costs but power efficiency.

Photovoltaic technologies (or systems) consist of solar panels or arrays, and balance of system components which support and facilitate the transfer of electricity from solar panels and arrays. Utah residents and commercial energy users have a bright future through the utilization of new solar electricity equipment. Such technologies are typically mounted on the roof to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity. By using renewable energy, customers will protect the environment and cut the cost of monthly energy bills.

IWS is currently testing new options that are lightweight composite materials. Such materials will be durable enough to withstand Utah’s harsh weather. “One thing is certain about installing solar panels in Utah,” said Doug Shipley, Founder of IWS. “You must choose materials that can withstand several brutal winters, and also sporadic canyon winds.” As IWS makes drastic improvements to current photovoltaic technologies, they also intend to create stronger solutions for wind power in Utah.

As shortages of fossil fuels and coal energy continue, renewable energy options will become more prevalent in society. By choosing photovoltaic technologies, individuals are supporting a cleaner planet and lower energy bills.

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