Solarize Seneca and Similar Programs to Boost Solar Energy in NY

Thursday, February 21, 2013 @ 12:02 PM
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Arista Power, a Rochester-based leader in renewable energy solutions, has partnered with the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to carry out a community-based solar purchasing program, termed “Solarize Seneca”. Seneca County residents will be able to participate in the program in which county residents and businesses will be able to purchase solar systems in bulk at steep discounts.

Arista Power develops, manufactures and installs renewable power solutions, including wind turbines, solar power systems, and custom power management systems. Under the program, the company will first educate residents and businesses on solar power systems by providing free educational workshops and by partnering with local contractors and educational institutions.

Three other communities of New York have implemented similar Solarize initiatives: Genesee County and the City of Hornell in Western New York, and Madison County in central New York. The Madison County program has reportedly been a successful initiative, and other communities are expected to jump on board as residents and business benefit from current partnerships. Arista Power is able to provide and install the solar systems at low costs through bulk purchasing and streamlined installation processes.

Those participating in Solarize Seneca and other similar programs across New York will also qualify for New York State tax incentives, as the supplier is a NYSERDA certified installer. The company also provides free site assessments for interested parties.

The first-come first-served program is available to all Seneca County residents, commercial businesses, agricultural entities, institutions, and municipalities.

More can be learned on Arista Power’s Solarize Seneca website.


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