Galesburg, Illinois Opt for 100% Renewable in Aggregation Program

Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 11:01 AM
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Like many other Illinois communities, Galesburg voters recently approved electric aggregation, whereby residents and small businesses in a community join together to purchase electric supply in bulk, at discounted rates. The vote was cast in November, and since then community leaders have been shopping around for a retail electricity provider by sending out bids to solicit low rates.

Galesburg’s community aggregation supply agreement is somewhat unique compared to most of the 400+ communities that have chosen aggregation: The agreement requires that electricity must come from 100% renewable sources. Mayor Salvador Garza was recently quoted,”We’re looking at not just the immediate gain, but really the sustainability, what’s going to help us into the future.”

The agreement will last for two years and is expected to save customers an average of 20% for the duration of the contract, or about $145 per year. It is not know exactly what retail electricity provider was selected for the aggregation agreement.

A Reason for Opting Out

Letters are being sent to Galesburg residents in order to inform them of the program – as well as to provide them with a phone number whereby they can opt out of the program within the next 21 days. Residents can still opt out at any time after that by switching to a retail electricity provider of their choice.

While community aggregation programs reduce the cost of electricity for communities as a whole, individual residents and small business owners have the opportunity to save even more by shopping around on their own.

When communities shop around for a retail electricity provider, only a select few available in the area are solicited. Households and small businesses, on the other hand, have the opportunity to shop around from dozens of providers to find a plan that best fits their needs. In other words, Galesburg residents have the opportunity to capture even lower rates than what the aggregation supplier is providing.

Of course, the 100% renewable energy aspect of the aggregation agreement is attractive and necessary for the progression of the area and nation as a whole. Fortunately, many providers in Illinois offer partial or 100% renewable plans at affordable rates.


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