FTR Energy Now offering Green Energy to Ohio Customers

Thursday, January 24, 2013 @ 01:01 PM
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The retail electricity provider, FTR Services has announced its entrance into Ohio’s deregulated electricity and natural gas market.

Jumping on the cleaner energy bandwagon, the company promises to supply affordable clean-burning natural gas and 100% green electricity to customers in deregulated areas across the state that opt for its services. Customers will also receive a 5% cash-back incentive on their energy supply costs.

Customers in the service areas of Dayton Power and Light, Columbus Southern Power, and Ohio Power Company are eligible to receive 100% green electricity supply from FTR Energy. Clean-burning natural gas supply is offered to customers of Columbia Gas Ohio, Vectren and Dominion East Ohio.

FTR Energy is a subsidiary of Crius Energy, one of the largest independent energy retailers operating in the nation. FTR Energy gains its name from its partnership with Frontier Communications Corporations, the largest provider of communications services focused on rural America. The financial backing of the parent company allows FTR Energy to source wholesale energy at low prices in order to sell back to customers at lower rates than many competitors, while the partnership with Frontier Communications ensures a commitment to sustainable, innovative energy solutions.

It is not clear what rates Frontier will offer, but they are expected to be competitive compared to the default utility’s rates and below that of most green and natural gas energy providers.

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