Alabama could benefit from more wind energy, expert says

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 @ 12:08 PM
posted by rene5432

Homeowners in Huntsville, Alabama, that have wind power generators installed on their property are much more likely to have power in the event of a tornado, asserted two wind energy advocates at the recent Energy Huntsville meeting.

According to the The Huntsville Times, Robert Yost, President of Huntsville-based American Wind Technology, and Logan Pierson, CEO of Wind Power Systems, LLC in Florida, said that small, residential wind turbines could be the best way for homeowners to ensure a constant power supply.

Yost added that America may be too highly dependent on its power grid, which are susceptible to a number of natural disasters. Whether it is tornados like the ones that knocked out power in April, 2011 or huge solar storms called "coronal mass injections," both have the power to render millions of transformers incapacitated.

"We're overly dependent on the grid. It's time we had an energy paradigm shift. We have to do things differently," he said.

Although recent studies have shown that current wind turbine technology is not well-suited for Alabama, technologies currently under development could make harvesting the wind in Alabama more economical. 

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