Retail solar provider expands service by entering Pennsylvania market

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 @ 12:07 PM
posted by rene5432

Crystal Lite Solar, a solar energy provider operating in deregulated states, recently announced it has expanded its services by providing customers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with residential solar power systems.

The company said it will expand solar installations to these states, guaranteeing continuous, reliable and affordable power to all customers.

"Using solar energy is very advantageous as well as smart. While saving money on electrical costs, many homes and businesses will have access to state and federal incentives to pay off their system," said a Crystal Lite spokesperson. "Our clients will immediately see the savings in the form of tax deductions and other clean energy incentives."

The spokesperson added that there are several benefits to owning a residential solar system, which grow the longer the installation is in place, including New Jersey's Solar Renewable Energy Credit Program.

According to the Pennsylvania Solar Organization, there is huge potential for solar power across the state, as it receives the same amount of solar radiation as South Florida in the summer months. The state also has passed energy deregulation laws, making it easy for residents to switch to renewable electricity

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