Michigan farmer hopes to harness the power of the wind in the future

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 @ 12:07 PM
posted by rene5432

Lynn Smith is a farmer by trade, but some might also call him a visionary who is looking to change the way farmers across the country power their operations, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports.

According to the news source, Smith's 1,250 acres of corn, wheat and soybeans in Battle Creek and Marshall, Michigan, could someday also farm the wind, he says, which could power all of the farm's needs with clean, cheap and limitless electricity. To Smith, the idea is simple, but he isn't sure why it hasn't been implemented yet.

"As I tell people, the wind is going to blow forever," Smith said. "It can just blow by us or we can use it."

Smith added he believes the rural areas of Calhoun County would be perfect for wind farms, as it could fit dozens of turbines that would produce adequate amounts of energy for the surrounding communities. To this end, he has spoken with local planning commissions to revise their ordinances, which would allow 500-foot wind turbines to be installed on the farms.

According to the Michigan Wind Energy Overview, Michigan has the potential for development of 16,560 megawatts of wind energy. 

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