Home solar panel market takes off in San Diego

Friday, July 6, 2012 @ 11:07 AM
posted by rene5432

One Pacific Beach solar contractor recently added new customers in the San Diego region, which is seeing huge growth in the number of residential solar installations that occur there.

Many residents in the area are finding that home solar power is an easy way to lower energy costs, while home builders are offering solar power options, seeing it as the next big thing.

"Currently, San Diego residents can benefit from the California Solar Initiative. There are solar panel cash back rebates specifically for California residents. You definitely don’t want to miss out," said Rob Rosen, owner of California Coast Builders. "San Diego solar panels are a great investment. Electric energy costs are on the rise, and solar power effectively combats these escalating utility expenses. Plus there are Federal Tax Credits that of up to 30 percent right now."

According to the California Energy Almanac, solar photovoltaic installations in California surpassed solar thermal capacity in 2008, and have since seen huge growth. By the end of that year, 441 megawatts of solar PV energy had been created. 

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