CPS Rebate, tax credit leads to more residential solar installations

Monday, July 9, 2012 @ 12:07 PM
posted by rene5432

When Beth Graham moved from her home in Massachusetts to a much sunnier and warmer place in San Antonio, Texas, she finally outfitted her home with solar panels, thanks to an offer from CPS Energy that encourages such installations, My San Antonio reports.

"I might have thought twice about it if it hadn't gotten the tax credit," Graham said. "The package was too good to resist."

According to the news source, Graham installed her complete system for $23,000, however after the rebate and tax credit, that number fell by more than half. As the price of home solar installations continues to fall, more residents are looking to solar to power their homes, thereby creating an even more competitive environment.

Many solar customers say the associated costs are worth it, because in the end, it cuts their utility costs, increases the value of the home and helps residents support cleaner energy sources.

Homes and small businesses are increasingly using solar power as their primary means of electricity. According to The Associated Press, 1,316 solar panels were recently installed on a South Texas wastewater plant, transforming the facility from an energy consumer to a self-sustained energy generator. 

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