Residential solar startup says opportunity abounds in Greenwich

Friday, June 22, 2012 @ 11:06 AM
posted by rene5432

Moore Energy LLC, started by Barry Alan Moore in 2008 in Pennsylvania, has taken its business to Greenwich, Connecticut, where it says the demand for residential solar electricity will help the company thrive, the Connecticut Post reports.

According to the news provider, the company recently opened its sales and marketing office in Greenwich, and expects its first solar installation to be up and running within the next month. Eventually, Moore says, he hopes to move into a larger office in the city's downtown area.

"Greenwich people are very sensitive about the environment, and have the money to afford a system," said Moore, who used to live in the southern Connecticut town.

The company has seen year-over-year success, growing from $1.7 million in sales its first year to $5 million in revenue in its most recent report.

Residential solar energy installations have ticked up in the state after the Clean Energy and Finance Investment Authority introduced new incentives for homeowners to begin using solar energy. The Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB) incentive gives residents a lump sum based on several design characteristics, including panel type, installation tilt, shading, orientation and solar insolation. 

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