Residential renewable energy to benefit from storage research

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 @ 11:06 AM
posted by rene5432

Axion Power International has made a giant leap toward better residential sustainable energy, working alongside Rosewater Energy Group to create several kinds of energy storage and conversion products.

The two companies are working together to develop technology that will help high-end residential solar installations better use the energy derived from intermittent electricity sources, such as wind or solar.

"The project calls for the incorporation of Axion Power’s PbC batteries, and technology know how, into a product package that offers distortion-free secure home power; an ability to store energy from renewable sources and from the electric grid; an ability to sell energy back to the electric grid; an opportunity to protect some, or all, of the residential circuitry and to prioritize these circuits," the companies wrote in a Letter of Intent.

Axiom recently put a .5MW/.25MWH PowerCube to the test, which is expected to provide homeowners with uninterrupted backup power from stored renewable sources. The company hopes such a product will soon become the "gold standard" in upscale homes that use solar or wind energy.

According to Peppermint Energy, personal renewable energy gives homeowners freedom from electric companies, allowing them to use cleaner energy that may not be offered by an area utility. 

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