Northwest wants more renewable electricity

Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 08:04 AM
posted by rene5432

Residents in the Northwest increasingly want to see renewable electricity added to their energy mix, according to NPR.

Many different people have different reasons for wanting to switch to green energy, ranging from concern about the environment to worries that the country cannot rely on fossil fuels forever.

But the common factor is that people want more renewable electricity, even if that leads to a slight increase in electricity rates. A survey from DHM research found that in general Northwest residents would like to more than double the proportion of their electricity coming from green energy.

"Today they think it’s about twenty percent of their portfolio comes from that. But they would like those sources to increase to 45 or 46% ten years from now," John Horvick of DHM Research told NPR.

However, the utility companies in the region still have not seen strong interest in their renewable electricity programs.

Still, the Northwest has some of the strongest investments in green energy in the country, with Washington getting the majority of its electricity from hydroelectricity and others in the region steadily turning toward wind power or other renewables.

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