Houston to buy renewable electricity from Reliant Energy

Monday, April 30, 2012 @ 03:04 PM
posted by rene5432

With electricity deregulation going strong across Texas, some of the cities have had the opportunity to find much lower electricity rates than they could get from utility companies.

The city of Houston and Houston-based retail electricity provider Reliant Energy announced in early April that the city will also have the chance to support renewable electricity.

Houston signed a new contract with the electricity provider, setting itself up with low electricity prices for the next three years, while also helping to support the Hire Houston First initiative from Mayor Annise Parker.

"It's a great deal for us," Parker said in a statement. "We are getting a competitive price, and we are able to select a local corporation to do the work. We have a responsibility to the city and the people of Houston to do everything we can to keep jobs in our city. This selection reinforces that commitment."

The plan also allows Houston to maintain its commitment to green energy, giving it the chance to purchase renewable energy certificates for all of the electricity it purchases through Reliant Energy. Over the past four years, Houston has topped all other towns in the amount of renewable electricity it has purchased.

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