Connecticut introduces new renewable electricity program

Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 08:04 AM
posted by rene5432

Earlier this month, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority outlined plans to invest more than $1 billion into green energy over the coming years, according to The Connecticut Post.

The new project will run programs to support energy projects with either low emissions (LREC) or zero emissions (ZREC), helping support a wide variety of renewable electricity sources.

"The ZREC/LREC program will help jumpstart Connecticut’s clean energy industry," Daniel Esty, commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said in a statement. "The program will deploy hundreds of projects across the state at the lowest possible cost to ratepayers."

The new program will be run through the state's two primary utility companies, Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating. Together they will eventually give $720 million for zero-emissions renewable electricity projects and another $300 million to low-emissions projects.

Connecticut has already seen growing availability of renewable electricity since the introduction of electricity deregulation several years ago. Prominent renewable electricity provider Viridian Energy is based out of Connecticut, but the new options from the state's utilities could push development even further.

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