New Hampshire high school introduces students to clean energy

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 @ 11:03 AM
posted by rene5432

The town of Windham, New Hampshire, is about to begin living up to its name.

The Eagle-Tribune reports that Windham High School has completed construction on a new joint wind and solar power installation, designed to help lower electricity bills for the school while also giving the students some exposure to the important new technology.

The project was funded by donations collected by the Windham Endowment for Community Advancement, along with a major $20,000 matched anonymous donation.

The new installation includes a 12-foot diameter wind turbine on top of a tower along with 12 solar panels. All together, the two systems should combine for a peak capacity of 5.28 kilowatts of clean energy.

"We are very excited to finally get to the part of the project that will begin to impact our kids," Alan Carpenter, chairman of the Windham Initiative for Renewable Energy, told the Eagle-Tribune.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that New Hampshire draws roughly half of its electricity from nuclear power, but renewable electricity also counts for another 12.3 percent. The state's 10th-largest power plant is actually a wind farm.

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