Florida starting up first wind project

Thursday, March 29, 2012 @ 08:03 AM
posted by rene5432

Florida has taken a critical first step toward getting its first wind power plant, according to RenewablesBiz.

Despite its name as the Sunshine State, Florida has been slow to adopt solar power installations and most other clean energy technologies.

But wind power in particular has been slow to grow in the state, along with all the rest of the southeast. The American Wind Energy Association reports that only Tennessee in the entire southeastern quarter of the state has any substantial wind energy at all.

But the new plant, planned to be located across more than 13,000 acres of farmland inside the Everglades Agricultural Area, would include at least 114 wind turbines. All together, the power plant would produce around 200 megawatts of renewable electricity, immediately moving the state past nearly a dozen other states.

The whole project is expected to cost around $350 million and should be finished within a little more than a year.

The project still faces some opposition, as some people feel that Florida is ill-suited to wind power. Nevertheless, the state has seen growing interest in renewable electricity, particularly as it begins to take advantage of its solar resources.

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