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A late attempt by New Jersey legislators to offer support for the state’s struggling solar sector before the end of the session fell through earlier this week.

Several federal agencies in California have faced difficulty completing their solar power installations because of opposition raised by one of the state’s two largest utility companies.

New Jersey residents will soon have even more reason to invest in a solar power system if a new proposal makes it through the state legislature.

A new development in an old form of solar energy could help spur investment in residential solar installations.

A new type of solar power system could reach new heights of efficiency based on an innovative new approach to photovoltaics.

As the movement toward renewable electricity continues to gain steam, more and more companies are finding ways to produce green energy from surprising sources.

It may not come as a surprise that a string of volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have some substantial geothermal energy resources.

Businesses hoping to invest in solar power systems suffered a substantial blow as 2011 ended, as Congress allowed one of the most powerful solar incentives in the country to expire.

Support for renewable electricity has come from many different sectors, with even utility companies investing in technologies like wind power and biomass.