Ithaca turns to all renewables

Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 09:12 AM
posted by rene5432

The town of Ithaca in central New York, home to Cornell University, recently announced that it taken a major step in its goal to reduce carbon emissions by switching entirely to renewable electricity, according to The Ithaca Journal.

The city announced that it has signed on with alternative electricity provider Integrys Energy Services for a service plan that provides its with 100 percent green energy.

The actual energy that Ithaca uses will likely still come in large part from traditional power plants, however, Integrys will purchase enough renewable energy certificates (RECs) from renewable electricity providers to account for the city's energy usage.

In this way, Ithaca can provide strong support for clean energy without needing to invest in its own generation capacity through solar installations or wind turbines.

"In the past it was very hard for municipalities especially with the economic situation but now it's really possible," Dennise Belmaker, Ithaca's energy sustainability project manager, explained to WENY. "Even if your not committing to 100 percent, 20 percent or 50 percent its still something."

A growing number of electricity suppliers offer renewable electricity options as more states implement markets for RECs.

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