Oregon behind only California in renewable electricity

Friday, November 4, 2011 @ 11:11 AM
posted by rene5432

A new report commissioned by the Portland Development Commission and Business Oregon places that state solidly in second place in terms of leadership on renewable electricity, according to Sustainable Business Oregon.

The two organizations sponsored a report by Portland-based Clean Edge making use of that group's Clean Energy Leadership Index, which tracks more than 70 factors leading to investment in and development of clean energy resources. The report investigated trends from green electricity to adoption of cleaner transportation and smart grids, as well as less tangible progress such as venture capital in green businesses.

Overall, the state received a score of 79.4, behind only California with 95.3 and comfortably ahead of Massachusetts with 71.8, on the Leadership Index.

The state ranked lower in terms of supportive policies, but Oregon easily leads the country in wind power with installed capacity amounting to 14.7 percent of the state's total generation capacity. Overall the state drew 63.8 percent of its electricity from clean energy sources.

Sustainable Business Oregon reports that Oregon is one of only four states to get more than 60 percent of its energy from renewable electricity sources.

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