NRG head sees future in solar, renewables

Friday, November 11, 2011 @ 11:11 AM
posted by rene5432

Electricity companies around the country have taken differing approaches to the drive toward renewable electricity, but few have embraced the movement as wholeheartedly as NRG Energy. Yale Environment 360 spoke with NRG's chief executive officer, David Crane, about the company's approach to clean energy and the changes in the energy market.

Crane called the political environment surrounding renewable electricity disappointing, noting that early progress had been made through bi-partisan cooperation. However, he suggests that the situation will not change the ultimate course of the energy sector, which seems to be steadily shifting toward renewables in anticipation of steadily rising electricity prices.

Perhaps more importantly, Crane notes that the U.S. already offers residents the opportunity to invest in renewable electricity, both through utility companies and alternative electricity providers as well as through residential solar installation. NRG hopes to further this shift by encouraging the adoption of rooftop solar panels through its own programs, in addition to supporting electric vehicles and smart meters, both of which could serve to make solar electricity more plausible.

PV Magazine notes that the company has not restricted itself solely to residential solar, with work now beginning on a 250 megawatt utility-scale solar installation in California.

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