Non-profit helps provide clean power for Pennsylvania

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 @ 11:11 AM
posted by rene5432

Pennsylvania sits in the heart of the traditional coal country, and much of its electricity still comes from coal power. But the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that one company hopes to make a dent in that image with a low-cost option for residents to draw on renewable electricity.

Pittsburgh-based nonproft Citizen Power, a group dedicated to the promotion of cheap but clean energy, has partnered with Houston, Texas-based TriEagle Energy to create the Green Energy Collaborative.

The project offers Pennsylvania residents in the Duquesne Light Co. service region the opportunity to purchase 100 percent renewable electricity at a fixed price of only 7.08 cents per kilowatt for two years, nearly one-quarter below the standard price offered by Duquesne Light for non-renewable energy.

The renewable electricity provider was able to offer such low prices because Citizen Power took on many of the costs without taking a commission. Limited marketing and services make the program easy to maintain and easily affordable to the non-profit given the positive impact it has had. reports that Duquesne Light customer have been some of the most active in shopping for alternate electricity providers, with more than 31 percent of residential customers and a similar proportion of all customers making the change.

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