New Oklahoma utility to bring renewable power to southeast

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 @ 10:11 AM
posted by rene5432

Oklahoma has taken a step toward making itself a center for renewable electricity with the recent decision by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to create a new utility company, according to the The Edmond Sun.

Plains & Eastern Clean Line, generally known as Clean Line, is a major transmission project in West Oklahoma and North Texas that hopes to he bring some of that region's abundant wind energy to the power-hungry southeastern states.

Unlike some other projects, the $3.5 billion Clean Line will also boast substantial natural gas generation capacity to smooth over some of the intermittency of wind power.

The OCC decision to declare Clean Line a utility company will allow it to sell electricity under the same guidelines as other utilities in the state. reports that the success of the Clean Line proposal could lead to a surge in wind power in the panhandle region, noting that the greatest limitation on the renewable energy industry in Oklahoma is actually a lack of transmission rather than lack of interest. Because winds are stronger in the less-densely populated regions of West Oklahoma, any such plants require extensive transmission capacity to reach their target customers.

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