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Kentucky and Ohio set to add new hydro plant - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deep in the heart of coal country in northeastern Kentucky and southern Ohio, residents soon will be able to draw electricity from a new hydroelectric plant.

Pennsylvania sits in the heart of the traditional coal country, and much of its electricity still comes from coal power.

Renewable electricity continues to gain ground against traditional fuels, offering greater opportunities for Americans to invest in cleaner energy.

Numerous competing reports have spoken out about the advantages and disadvantages of renewable electricity, but now one of the most respected energy authorities in the world has spoken positively about its future.

As solar installations become increasingly cost-effective, more schools and other large buildings are realizing that they can make use of their extensive rooftops to save them money.

States have proven so successful in promoting the development of renewable electricity that national policy has been made irrelevant to an extent.

As solar panels have steadily grown more cost effective, the technology has expanded well past the areas traditionally associated with solar power.

The U.S. Department of Energy praised the work of Michigan-based utility and electricity provider DTE Energy in providing customers with the opportunity to invest in renewable electricity.

A new program from utility company National Grid offers consumers the opportunity to support renewable electricity with relatively little cost to themselves.

Rhode Island continues to increase its investment in renewable electricity with the inauguration of a wind project at Fishermen’s Memorial State Park and Campground in Narragansett.